Back from a great weekend

Well, I’m home, have changed my clothes, and had not a bath or a shower but both.

It was a great weekend. One of the parents has told me that her daughter did not stop talking about it for absolutely ages. Despite some niggles over politics and organisation it was fantastic being at Bramham park with so many members of my half of the Scout & Guide movement.

One pet peeve was the minority of adults who saw fit to tell people off at the drop of a hat, some having no intermediate stage between saying nothing, and bellowing. Some cubs from I know not where were told off for walking down the edge of a site. The leaders of the unit had crammed their tents down one side of their pitch leaving an area that to everyone else resembled a walkway. So it wasn’t the cubs fault that they treated it as such and yet they got yelled at.

Another leader was seen muttering that others “weren’t talking care of their kids” apparently under the impression that cubs and scouts should be kept virtually on baby reins, even in a safe environment like a county camp. It’s good for Scouts development to give them some freedom, and a bit sad that some can’t appreciate this.


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