Organ Donation

This topic has been brought into the public arena by suggestions that the rules should be changed with regards the Organ Donor register.

Currenly rates of donation are low, due do few of us signing up. Most of us would be quite happy with the idea of someone having a better quality of life after our untimely deaths, but something gets in the way, the most common being not wanting to think about dying, the second being simply not getting round to filling in a fiddly bit of card.

When I was a provisional driver, I carried the card. It was part of my driving license and I just ticked the appropriate boxes. I have not got round to filling in another, but I am on the register.

Even if you do carry a donor card, there is more you can do. First you should also register as a donor, either online or by telephoning 0845 60 60 400. If the worst happens you may have left your card in your other trousers, so looking up your details on the register will be quicker. The second is to tell your relatives, so the question is not so much of a dilemma at a difficult time.

So if you’re not sure that you have registered as a donor, do it now. Don’t rely on the proposed law being passed any time soon, because it may never happen and you don’t know what’s round the corner. I’ve just updated my details on the register to make sure they’re correct. And by writing this blog article, I’ve told my wife and all my friends.


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