I got back late last night. Visiting Hylands was wonderful, but a combination of dehydration, despair at the lack of appreciation of the event outside Scouting circles, and running in to a particularly unpleasant member of my team from Eurojam, left me feeling down.

A coffee at Liverpool Street picked me up and I walked across the City of London to Kings Cross. It struck me how the tube means people in London don’t walk far overground, or at least only do so if they know where they were going. Street signs pointing to areas more than 100 yards away were few and far between. But it was a pleasant walk.

The train carriage had a bunch of drunken yobs, not abusive just unpleasantly loud. They stayed until Wakefield. But I made my connection (thank goodness) and got home.

This morning I got into work and couldn’t focus. It was probably the after effects of not drinking enough water all week, and I had to come home sick and lie down. I’ll be in tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you have the URL of our joint website, check out the Honeymoon photo albums I integrated in yesterday.


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