Bloggers Union

Saw this and wondered what you thought about it:
Bloggers of the World Unite

Hmm, an interesting but ultimately silly story.

Mildly right wing bloggers in the states (the ones the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, extreme right nutters label “leftist” or “liberals”) have been in talks about forming a union.

I can only think the press and the rabid screamers have got the wrong end of the stick. By union they must mean some sort of talking shop, where like-minded people swap ideas. Not what is commonly referred to as a union, an actual trade union.

Bloggers are, as they stand, largely independent people. Few make any actual money out of it, indeed many popular blogs have their hosting fees subsidised by their writers’ day jobs. So if a union was formed, who would it represent, and to whom? If you are being paid to blog, surely you are either a journalist or working in another environment where you already have a trade union.

As the article points out the real barriers for blogging is that the opinions of bloggers are far more diverse than would be encountered in any sector of actual employment. These differences would be a real barrier to a bloggers’ trade union achieving anything.

I do see professionalism and codes of conduct for bloggers as a bit of a threat, to be perfectly honest. A union could be only of interest of the cream of the crop, the best of the best, shutting the rest of us out of the vague community that is “the blogosphere”. A bloggers’ union would create artificial boundaries between the semi-professional commentators, the likes of me who exist in a netherworld between the commontaters and the diarists, and those who blog about purely personal matters. When at the moment there is just a wide tapestry of blogging with only the vaguest of boundary between one type and the next.

A union would, in the end, create more “us and them” situations, and therefore divide rather than bring together.

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