Do the rules actually say that?

On a discussion forum a SL from Redditch (maybe known to some people listed on the right- I don’t know) asked some advice as to whether the thing she wanted to do was OK within the rules. It elicited this response.

This is one of those occaisions when common sense has to prevail over POR.

As far as anyone was aware what was being asked wasn’t actually forbidden by POR. Often in Scouting we blame the rulebook for restricting us, when it is only our lack of understanding that does so. POR is carefully written by people who take time to deliberate over whether a rule is necessary.

Many of us tie ourselves in knots trying to comply with, or enforce rules and regs that no-one has actually written. And we find we can’t move because the strings on the straight-jacket are ever tightening, not noticing that the people who are tightening them are ourselves. Those who don’t know the rules and make up restrictive practices, or better enforce a pointlessly stricter version of the rules because “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” are not making our lives safer, they are reducing our ability to make sensible judgements and therefore making the world more dangerous.


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