Too far

Richard Brunstrom, the self styled “Mad Mullah of the traffic Taliban has gone way too far this time. So far several MPs are calling for his resignation.

I’m not a fan of those who moan about speed cameras, I think if you break the law you expect the slapped wrist. True there should be a sense of proportion and points lowered for the low speeds which never used to be prosecuted (say one or two points for 35-40 MPH in a 30 zone) as well as raised for high speeds (say 4 points for above 50 in a 30 zone). But you are breaking the law when speeding and it is better that we finance our public services from bad behaviour (speeding) rather than good (honest hard work).

There are many of his views I agree with. However I think he has done much to politicise his role, and to lose the trust of many members of his employers, the public as well as many front line police officers. Earlier this year people I know witnessed the preparations for a public briefing in a shopping centre, and it was clear to them that a number of constables and civilian staff who were preparing for the event were unhappy with their Chief’s approach.

The belligerent attitude of the self styled Mad Mullah is not in keeping with someone in such a position as a Chief Constable. Who does he feel he is answerable to?

I write this yesterday after watching a dispatches programme on congestion and road pricing. I thought it was interesting that Manchester is seen as a beacon of best practice in terms of parking enforcement- where traffic wardens work with motorists warn and advise rather than sit and wait and fine. Lets hope the Manchester parking enforcement team’s example is followed up in other cities.


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