Forwarding warnings

Why do I bother?

Someone sent me one of those round robins. You know the sort don’t take the third exit of a roundabout on Friday the 13th as that’s where the gangs lurk to kill you.

So I sent back a really nice reply politely saying that it wasn’t a good idea to forward warnings like that without checking them out, and links to a few sites to do so.

What was the reaction “Oops sorry, thanks for the help and advice” ?

No. Is it ever?

I’ll never understand how people can treat being helped out as a personal affront.

It isn’t rude to correct someone when they do something wrong- quite the opposite in fact it is rude to withhold help just because the person you are talking to may be the sort of bullying type who takes offense.

Just for once it would be nice for someone to say “Oh really? Sorry, I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know.”

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