Hair Cut

One of those problems with not driving is that you have less of a choice where you go. I went to the barbers in Keighley at lunch, sat down at 12:50 with only two people in front of me and one in the chair.

I walked out at 13:35, wasn’t even close to being served. The barber was going to ridiculous lengths to trim hair that no one sane would have noticed out of place.

The bloke in front of the bloke in front of me looked like he’d last had his hair cut the week before. There’s pride and there’s vanity and that is vanity. But it still took 15 to 20 minutes, getting the sideburns and hair behind the ears micrometre perfect. Next bloke had his
eyebrows trimmed and everything.

There was a conversation with the last bloke and the comment was that he should see the place when it is quiet. Well to 3 customers in 45 minutes isn’t busy at all!

In the library there was a relatively short queue but it still took ages because there was only one person dealing with returns and one woman, rudely oblivious to the fact it was lunch time, was asking silly questions at the level of “what’s a book?”




  1. Simon

    Hmm. Well to be honest it wouldn’t suit the top, but it probably would do every other cut. But my main solution is to stick to the barbers in Silsden.

  2. notquiteginger

    i think sometimes you need experiences like that to be able to rant about. My morrisons shopping experiences always cause me to rant, but its cathartic too….and Si, I like your rants 🙂 I suggest Mr Anonymous sticks to reading Harry Potter

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