One bus and eight trains…

…and we’re home.

We had a great time. Seville was lovely, really nice. We took our time over 5 days to see the sights, sit in cafes and take in the atmosphere. You can’t do Seville on a tour-bus in a day, you miss so much of the detail between the main sights.

So our public transport odyssey.

Starting at our hotel, we got the C1 bus to the station, followed by train 1, AVE to Madrid Attocha. We broke the journey here (but our bags remained in left luggage), to wander up to the main square and the palace (Madrid was a bit of a let down after Seville), then took train 2the Line 1 Metro to Madrid Charmartin, and then train 3 the Train Hotel overnight to Paris Gare d’Austerlitz. Train 4 wasMetro 5 to Gare du Nord, where our bags had another mini-holiday in left luggage. Trouble was it was a Sunday and we could not change our tickets (or we asked at the wrong window) so we had a few boring hours wandering round Montmatre and avoiding having our portraits taken.

But soon we were on the Eurostar (train 5) and back at shiny new London St Pancras. We then got the NXEC to Leeds (train 6) which arrived 10 minutes early. We sprinted across to platform 1 to get the Airedale line to Shipley (train 7) then an unscheduled eighth train to Steeton.
The Airedale line guard seemed a little taken aback at our response to his kind offer of assistance with our luggage (“you’re alright this is the eighth train since Seville”).

It sounds hellish when I write it, but really it was fun and our holiday wasn’t over until we walked through the door of our house.

Would we do it again. Well, yes, but we’d try and avoid kicking our heels in Paris if possible.


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