Putting two and two together

It’s lunchtime and I’m looking at the view for the first time and remembering what people have told me.

Looking to the left of me I have a great view of the valley. I went looking for a Geocache near a swing bridge (Cowling Bridge according to the map), and I can actually see it from here. I can also make out the farm with the big, utidy and (perhaps understandably) unfriendly signs telling people to stick to the public footpath. The map says it’s Airedale house farm. Anyway its the most prominent feature of my view and it’s nice to put a name to a pile of stone.

From my window, I can make out the western tip of Silsden, the Leeds Liverpool canal, the swing bridge and the farm beyond. I can even make out the boats moored on the farm side of the canal.

For those of you in urban offices I may post a picture to make you jealous.



  1. Caz

    While my desk location isn’t really scenic we do look onto the Guildhall Square which is interesting at times … but of course my workplace is also the coastline of the city… so do I trump you with a sunny seafront with the odd yacht sailing by? (and OK the odd ferry)

  2. DaveP

    The boats you can see moored at the farm with the unfriendly signs, include the one that C’s parents own (Quintet)

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