Facebook added this great new feature. It’s one I’ve felt was needed for some time.
It takes all your facebook friends, and sees how many have common friends who may be parts of your social circles you’ve missed.

Surprisingly there’s been a tiny backlash, with some desribing it as creepy and sinister, which I really don’t understand. Sure it could do with a “don’t recomemnd me this person again” option, but creepy? Only if you’re paranoid. It’s not forcing you to be best mates, it’s only suggesting that there’s someone you may know that you might want to be in contact with. Or not. The choice is yours- where’s the problem with that?

I only ever add people on facebook I know through other channels. 99% of my facebook friends I met face-to-face before adding them- the other 1% I know other than through facebook. Perhaps my usage is different to others.

I’m not a nasty, vindictive or unpleasant person. Maybe I’m abit too boring, bland and logical, but hey- is that a crime? So if anyone has a problem seeing my face up there, it’s their own failing.

I admit, there are a few, very few, people I actively dislike. But I try to be grown up and not freak out at the sight of them.

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  1. Giacomo

    Well said.90% of the complaints about privacy issues on facebook are from those who put info on there first, and thought about it later. Or from patronising eejits who recon people shouldn’t suffer the consequences of their own stupidity.It really bugs me if people hide their friends list, so you can’t find mutual friends without adding them. Either it’s being needy of contacts, or it’s being paranoid. And if you are paranoid to a degree that joining facebook is a problem, admit it is your psychological flaw, and not a flaw in facebook.

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