Out of the shadows

One of the things we don’t usually watch time-shifted, is Doctor Who. Well last Saturday’s we watched on Sunday, but we usually watch it near enough at the time of broadcast.

I’ve not blogged much about this series, but I have been enjoying it immensely. Last Saturday was the first of a two parter by Stephen Moffatt, the man who will be steering the Doctor Who ship in 2010’s fifth series of the revived show. It was unbelievably excellent with more than a hint of the lovely “Time Traveller’s Wife”, as he runs into someone who he has never met, who turns out to know him very well indeed.

The story is set in a deserted library, in the 51st century, with a weird and wonderful subplot involving a little girl and her psychiatrist in a twentysomethingth century flat to give it a lovely large dollop of “what on earth is going on here”?

The characters are great, even including something rarely seen in drama, but often in real life, two people with the same first name: “Proper” Dave and “Other” Dave. This, despite merely reflecting reality, is hilarious on screen.

There was a point in the episode when The Doctor uses the library systems to determine how many people are in there. 2, humanoids, but a million million lifeforms. 1,000,000,000,000 lifeforms equal 1 terralifeform. But given this is the Vashta Nerada, pirhana like creatures that resemble shadow, perhaps that should be one terror lifeform.


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