A principled man?

The story of the minute is David Davies resigning to face a by-election on the issue of police being allowed to detain people for 42 days without charge. Any answers on Saturday dragged

Indeed I believe he is a man of principle, and the particular principle he is standing on I believe is a good one, and grudgingly support the decision not to stand in his way. However I don’t believe in many of his other principles though, and would hate people to get the wrong idea that because he’s a decent bloke on this issue, he’s an all round decent chap.

One point of view is that he should have stayed to fight in parliament, and that he is wasting tens of thousands of pounds by taking this action? Tens of thousands of pounds, to draw attention to an important issue? Peanuts. The government spends millions on advertising campaigns educating the public about more trivial matters.

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