One step back, three steps forward

Oh dear. Heinz have pulled an advert for their Deli Mayo. Approximately 200 people complained it was inappropriate and made them feel uncomfortable. But the backlash at Heinz’s craven stance was so great it crashed their comments page.

The advert did not even depict a homosexual relationship. It depicted a mum who’d been transformed into a “Noo Yoyk” style chef. All very cheap and 70s and not a suggestion of an actual gay relationship. Not that there would be anything wrong if it did, but it does show the average IQ of the complainers.

Personally I think it inappropriate that in this day and age people with hang-ups like that aren’t made to feel uncomfortable more often.

Oh and laugh if you will, but I saw it on special offer at Asda last night. I decided to leave it on the shelf because there was no indication as to where the eggs in it came from…


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