Who’d be an MP?

I often hear people complaining that MPs are corrupt, dishonest, two faced. Maybe they are, sometimes, but largely the perception comes from the fact the MPs in question just don’t see things in the same way as the complainant, or because they see being restrained and diplomatic as somehow dishonest. “If only more of them would speak their minds.”

Well be careful what you ask for. MP David Clelland lost his temper with a consituent (Story here). On receiving what he perceived to be an “abusive” letter, Clelland wrote back.

“I accept your offer not to vote for me again. I do not want your vote so you can stick it wherever best pleases you.”

It must be tough being an MP, having to be reasonable to every person who writes to you, no matter how ill-informed, bigoted and abusive they are. I’m not sure I could write respectfully to people writing to me

However I am also painfully aware that people can perceive rudeness, arrogance, and abusiveness where it just plain isn’t there. I’ve been given a good kicking for people who mistakenly see my neutral, well-spoken tone as being hoity-toity or arrogant.


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