Something positive

A nice, reasonable pice about the current “Baby P” hysteria.



  1. notquiteginger

    sums up perfectly the frustration I have reading about this case. Radio 4 had a similar commentary the other day. whislt the death of any child is horrific and requires investigation into procedures and proceses, the sad fact is that children will still continue to die. Social work is a crap job, and I for one could not do it (I did consider it before taking the easy and shallow option of HR instead), but it is a necessary role and this kind of coverage can only harm a profession which must really struggle to recruit and retain its staff. grrrr bloody tabloids

  2. CMT

    I agree, I have read very little of the coverage of this case (I am afraid that since being a mum I find it all too painful to read) however this is a balanced article avoiding the hype.

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