Two months to go!

We’re getting closer to the arrival of “Bean”. Tuesday saw our first parentcraft class, and this morning we bought a car seat from our local independent baby shop.

We still have to sort out a cot and pram, but we have plenty of clothes!

Tomorrow we go for a ‘Stork walk’ – aka a tour of the maternity ward. Gas and air anyone?

Just waiting now for baby to decide to turn upside down.



  1. CMT

    Think it is now too late but as you can always ring and ask I’ll comment anyway. When visiting the maternity ward make sure you know which doors are open at night and where you are allowed to park to unload labouring women…The friend of mine who went 3/4 of the way round the outside of a very large hospital looking for a door wishes she did!! Love to all

  2. Simon

    The maternity ward at Airedale does have a large obvious outside main door with a buzzer. Although if we wanted to check it is only 10 minutes walk from our house.I want to go and have a drive round the grounds so I can work out which roads go where, but I don’t want to wind up security.

  3. Simon

    I discovered, while walking with my GPS that the entrance to the Labour ward is about 850 yards from our front door and an 8 minute walk. Not sure whether Sarah could walk for 8 minutes while in early labour, though.The maternity ward is ten minutes walk away, 950 yards, as I have found over the last couple of days.Things look hopeful. Bean may end up being less premature than we feared, and we may yet make use of the knowledge of the route to the labour ward in the next few weeks.

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