I haven’t commented much on Sarah’s pregnancy, fearing being too
self-centred. But, I’m telling myself, making a blog posting doesn’t
mean I’m forcing people to read this…

We had a great week planned. I’d booked Wednesday off to drive Sarah to a work’s away-day. Being of a smaller build pregnancy prevents her from driving as when the driver’s seat is far enough back to be comfortable, she can’t control the car. I was going to drive into Hull and spend the day in various coffee shops on Newland Avenue, reading my OU course books. But that’s not how it happened.

At 5am Wednesday morning, I was woken by Sarah telling me her waters had broken. This didn’t seem real- we were so focused on the due date of 17th March, and being told that the actual date may be as late as the 27th. We rang the labour ward at Airedale, and half an hour later were on our way.

The car parking spaces near the ward entrance proved easy to find, and we were in.

It was a worrying morning, we were told that they may have had to deliver early by c-section. Sarah was given steroids to hold off any chance of labour, scanned, and the heart rate measured and transferred to the maternity ward to be monitored. We were told that Sarah would
have to stay there until baby was born- this could have been any time between hours and weeks later.

If bean is distressed, or there is signs of infection, or labour starts, they will whisk Sarah off for an emergency cesarean. But hopefully s/he should be allowed to stay in for a while yet, until 36 or 37 weeks.

We saw the special care baby unit yesterday, and spoken to the staff there. We are more encouraged and prepared for bean to arrive sooner than we’d like.

We are getting used to the idea that the baby may be along sooner than expected. A friend of Sarah’s brother is sending us a bundle of premature baby clothes, and our parents are buying some stuff we were hoping to get out to the shops for.

This morning Sarah had a scan. Baby is only 4lbs but this isn’t a problem right now. It’s still breach, and this is unlikely to change due to loss of fluid.

All being well she may be let home in a few days, but this is still very much a “maybe”. She would prefer to be sitting round at home where she has access to all her books and the Internet and can keep an eye on things (on me?!?).

In the mean time she is well and being monitored in Airedale.

It is good that Airedale is only ten minutes walk from home, as I leave the car there and walk. Actually I can tell you that the labour ward is only 8 minutes walk away, a mere 840 yards from our front door, and the entrance nearest to the maternity ward not much further. It is looking more and more likely that this knowledge will be useful this year.


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  1. notquiteginger

    thanks for posting, whilst I understand your reluctance to blog about events, this is a great medium to let those of us in blog-world know the latest news. Here’s keeping all our fingers and toes crossed things go smoothly. Much love to you both (all…!) xxx

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