Matthew Update

Matthew is still doing well, although still in a cot in the special care unit. He’s now in room 2, having been promoted from room 3 early last week.

Yesterday Matthew was 2.08kg. We weighed him ourselves after we noticed the regular reading was a bit out. He’s putting on about 45g every day, there’s no worries about his weight, and is 100% being fed on his mother’s milk. We are just waiting on him feeding well enough to demand feeding at every mealtime, and to not need feeding by tube.

We are in a routine, Sarah goes in in the morning for the 10am feed, and we both go in of the evening, then back home for supper. The routine is a bit of a drudge, backwards and forwards twice a day. Normally one of you could look after the baby, while the other whipped them up a light meal, or popped out to the shops. While the SCBU is only 10 minutes walk, and we can pop in when we like, the security measures mean it’s not practical to do that.

One of the things that is most frustrating is the advice you are given. Take the advice of any two healthcare professionals, and their opinions will appear to contradict each other to the lay person. Books say the latest research says contact between parent and child is beneficial to their development, whereas nurses say they should be left in their cots as long as possible because the grow while asleep. These two statements might not be contradictory but they feel like it to two worn out parents.

But he is improving. It’s like being on a long tiring walk where the end is out of sight, over the horizon. We know we’re getting closer all the time; but can’t say when that end point will be. He feeds better and puts on more weight every day, so we know we’re getting somewhere.

It will be a wonderful day when he is home with us. In the meantime, on with the routine.


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