Same old tories?

This is going to be one of those emotional political statements that I disapprove of myself, but I hope you can forgive me.

Listening to the headlines, I’m left with a feeling that the Tories haven’t changed. Telling people that the Conservatives are bad news may not be what many people want to hear, particularly those riled to the point of rage with Brown and looking for reasons to justify it. But it should be done.

The overwhelming impression I got from listening to the message of “tough choices” and “all of us in it together”, is that these weren’t tough choices. Was it an anti-tory reaction, or are they using the post credit-crunch recession and the effect on the country’s bank balance to do what they wanted to do anyway? I had the feeling that deep down they wanted to make cuts, and were scarcely suppressing the urge to rub their hands in glee at such an excuse.

Was the gamble that the electorate are so cheesed off with Labour that they’ll just accept the Tory line, without any polish or presentation. They won’t even be able to shout “liars” when they get what they voted for as its been given to them straight.

Edit: Well it appears my Lib Dem PPC Nader has a similar impression


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