Behind the Headlines 5

Actually not so much behind the headlines as behind the whole story!

The Daily Mail ran a piece on how in Watford barmy councillors had banned parents from parks and playgrounds, and had put special trained supervisors in their place. No longer can a family take their toddlers to enjoy time on the swings, they must watch from a distance.

Except- it wasn’t true.  Not one word.

Well maybe one or two words. Parents have been told not to hang around after dropping their kids off at supervised adventurous play facility. The facility is not an open playground for the under 5s as you may find in a park, but has always been an enclosed area run by trained supervisors. The facility had become a bit lenient with the rule over letting parents stay for the session, but one or two had begun to get in the way of activities. So they put their foot down and began to enforce the policy.

Cue one disgruntled parent, and you’ve got a classic case of flat earth news!

For an in-depth take in this issue see Sara Bedford’s post here


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