Brilliant spoof!

I must congratulate whoever mocked up this spoof of a loony anti-EU front page response to the Lisbon treaty being signed. Brilliant send up!

Um… hang on… I can see todays Express on someone’s desk across the way. It’s… real? Someone thinks this is a reasonable response?

Oh dear.


  1. Rankersbo

    Saying the front page of the Express is expressed in hysterical terms is not the same as saying the Constitutional Treaty is not important.I haven't written any Lib Dem policy, I mainly post leaflets through doors and give out the badges at local conferences.As I understood it, however, the referrendum promised was an in/out referrendum, not on the treaty itself.Even if I'm wrong on that I'm sure the Lib Dems would not have taken a neutral line should there be a referrendum.

  2. neil craig

    The last LibDem saw a manifesto promise, which parties are really expected to try & keep, that the party would push for a referendum on the treaty. They lied – as soon as the election was over they reversed themselves & said it was none of the voter's business.To be fair Labour did & said exactly the same.On consequence ofv this is that it is simply impossible for either party ever to credibly claim that any future promise on anything will be kept.Perhaps before helping political movements you should check what they actually stand for but, having been a LibDem for many years & ultimately expelled nominally because i believed in economic liberalsim & actually because I disagreed with the party's policy of racial genocide against Serbs (all on my blog) I cannot criticise you.

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