I could bore you for hours.

I think the friends and aquaintances who read this will fall into two groups. Those that have already experienced what I’m talking about, and those who will glaze over when parents start talking about their little ones.

Our son is just about 10 months old. He was 7 weeks early, and spent his first four weeks in a special care unit. He is reportedly doing well, even though he is small. At his 8 months check he was said to as well developed as any 8 month old, sitting up and smiling and reacting as the nursery nurse expected.

He’s just reached 18 pounds. That’s 8.18kg in today’s money. That’s between the 9th and the 25th percentile on the graph, relative to his due date), so nothing to worry about. We rarely now get comments about how small he is, indeed we often get people saying things like, “he doesn’t look like he was premature.”

He’s just started crawling, but is not racing around as many predicted. Everyone who sees him comments on his smile and how happy he seems.

He loves his toys and indeed any object can provide endless fascination. He’s really good with stacking cups, preferring to try and dismantle a tower of cups, rather than knock it over. He also has a shape sorter and seems to, more often than not, chose the right shapes for the side uppermost. This may be his loving parents over interpreting, or skewing things unconsciously by the way we place the shapes on the floor. He learned how to use a toy where you feed a giraffe plastic blocks in a couple of minutes.

And this is the thing. He seems a bright boy, who is happy much of the time, but is this just his proud parents seeing what they want to see?


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