End of an era

Back in September, new regulations meant old fashioned incandescent (OFI) light bulbs can only now be sold in clear types.

In our house we were down to one light fitting with an old fashioned bulb in it. The R63 spots in the kitchen were replaced this time last year, following an assignment for an OU course on sustainable living. I’ve not regretted it either. The bulbs light the room just as well as the ones they replace, and they have outlasted enough of the old type to be saving me money.

Which left one solitary light fitting in the bathroom unable to accommodate the now standard compact florescent bulb. Which, to be honest, needs a bulb equivalent to 100w to provide sufficient light. We’ve all known for some time that the end of the 100w bulb was due, but we just didn’t get round to getting that light replaced.

Fortunately there was a solution. It has to be noted that compact florescent bulbs come in a variety of different shapes and wattages. But I’d already tried and failed to squeeze one into the space available. CF bulbs are not the only type of bulb out there, Philips and GE produce a halogen bulb that is the same shape and size as the OFI 100w bulb. I bought the 100w equivalent and it is a brilliant stop-gap measure. It lights the room just as well as the bulb it replaces, and fits in the same amount of space.

It’s a shame that it’s come to this to be honest. It would be nice if we could all have gradually moved ourselves onto the new technology, and restricted our purchases of 100w OFI bulbs for those few remaining fittings where a standard CF bulb of the required brightness won’t fit. But too many of us were sticking with old fashioned bulbs for reasons other than the merely practical. The obnoxious, ignorant “Wah shud ah”s have basically spoilt it for the rest of us.

I’m certainly nice enough to be embarrassed by my intransigence, rather than incandescent (ha ha) at the inconvenience.

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