It’s the end, but the moment had been prepared for.

I had most of the end of 2009 off work, and happily spent it with my lovely wife and son. And we did have a nice time.

Things I have not been doing included:

  • Blogging
  • Decorating
  • Reading discussion forums

So… anything happen over Christmas? The main thing, according to the BBC was the finalé of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who. I don’t think the climax to a TV series had ever had so much build up. The two-parter over christmas seemed to be the now traditional series finale and the Christmas episode.

I enjoyed it. I thought the end was overblown and self-indulgent, but I enjoyed that too. Russel and David had certainly earned that self indulgence.

So, for Doctor Who, it’s the end of an era. Wonder what the new one will be like?


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