Good vs Evil

The Westboro Baptist Church have a misleading name. Far from being a bunch of Christians, who behave in a nice, loving way, they seem (in my entirely personal and subjective opinion) to simply use the bible as a hook on which to hang their prejudices and bigotry. Rather than simply live their own lives by the Bible (particularly the love thy neighbour type bits), they protest at people they disapprove of.

This time they set about picketing the San Diego Comic Con, not sure why, I think they thought all the superhero costumes were evidence of homosexual activity or… something.

But that they they met their match. The Convention goers were ready with a spoof counter-demo featuring a number of costumes, and messages both silly and serious.

Yay! Christians, other faiths, atheists and agnostics  unite in cheering the humiliation of a bunch of evil spiteful bigots. Good wins!


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