A theory of the top of my head: Is a state like a mobile phone?

Just thinking, as you do.

I have this theory about technology. Lots of people say of things like mobile phones, “Why do they have to be so complicated? Why do can’t they just do…” My theory is that while there are some common items in most “Why can’t they just do” lists, but there are also so many variants that if you add up all the lists you get something that’s pretty much what’s on the market- the phone that people complain is too complicated.

Now my musing was this: are “small states” like that? Small state libertarians and anarchists rarely, if ever, advocate a complete lawless vacuum. There is always some role for a society, and some institutions needed for a society to work. My musing is: if you add up all those small states, ring fence all the areas that people don’t want to cut- does the state get any smaller?

It’s a question I don’t pretend to know the answer to, by the way.


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